And what do I like most about being a woman…..being a Mom…..having carried him and given birth….the very essence of being a woman

I think one of the most beautiful moments in this 8 year old journey of being a Mom was just a couple of days back. I wasn’t feeling well and it probably showed on my face, after a long day, we were coming back from the airport. I was sitting next to Arnav…with the back of his hand he put my head on his shoulder, and kept on patting my head, running his little fingers on my forehead. I knew I was stretching my neck to rest my head on his shoulder, at the same time trying not to put all the weight on him, after all he is just a baby…and as I soaked myself in the moment I fell asleep….

and they say time flies, it really does, before I realize, Arnav will be 18….we will build more memories for future, but this one will be very special….



And some days you just want to thank God for blessing you with the best! Today it is about my Bro…I have been wanting to write this forever but……

So he is exactly a year younger to me- we share our Birthdays and like any other brother-sister duo, we squabbled over non issues, giggled on silliest of things and moved on in our lives. Undoubtedly, some of the best days in my life.

Over years I have seen him take care of my parents, grand parents and his family and I am so so proud of him. My Dad had this small operation and Bro was by his side for a week. All I did was talk to him and Mom over the phone…His presence meant so much, Mom was totally relaxed and everything went on well.

There have been other instances when he’d just tell Mom “Aap tension mat karo Ma, sab theek ho jaega” Sab theek kaise hota hai? I have to ask Gullu…cause he has been the one who has been around to see Mom Dad through tough times.

I think I laugh the most when I, Mom and Gullu get on a call and tease Mom. My favourite people!

I have a brother who actually is there when we need him- no he is not bound by anything, nothing keeps him away- and I wish a brother like him for everyone. You are the best Gullu and I hope I see you on Rakhi this year!




No email account for me, says Arnav

That’s what Arnav says!

He will be 8 in a couple of months. While, we were driving back from his soccer class the conversation went like this…

Arnav, “Mama I will not open an email account”

Me, “Why Arnav”

Arnav, “You know I see 6th graders on phone all the time, checking emails etc, I don’t want to be like them I want to love you and Papa and study”

Me, “Awesome thought Arnav, but don’t you think you spend so much time on ipad even now? playing those games”

Arnav, “Whats for dinner Ma?”


The Palace of Illusions- Lucid & Intriguing

Palace of Illusions- a 2008 novel by award-winning novelist and poet Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. My colleague gave me this novel to read…I loved the novel, fluid and intriguing, right from the beginning.

When I was reading it, I so looked forward to coming back from work, completing my daily chores,(which includes Arnav’s home work 🙂 ) and then finally, “my time”- grab the novel, glass of juice and read on. The novel takes the reader back in time, written in first person,  Draupadi narrates her story and weaves the intricate details of her life and Mahabharat.

How she emerges from fire, her childhood, her friendship to Krishna, her tricky marriage- to five husbands, her attraction to Karna who happens to be one of the biggest enemy of her husbands, the “Saas- Bahu”  one upmanship, Cheer haran episode- literally stripped in public and much more.

Mythical and Magical, the book deals with Draupadi in a different light and makes a very interesting read. Am on to my next one, Empire of the Moghul which seems to be equally promising 🙂

Nana and my never ending comment!

I read this beautiful post on a blog and wanted to compliment the writer- as I wrote in the comment box, I went down the memory lane,  after I finished typing, I was not so sure if I should leave it in the comment box there (my comment and his post must have had the same count of words) , But this was straight out of the heart, and I was not ready to delete it either and so here it is…… comment on a write up that brought back old memories that I hold so close to my heart.

“This one brings back a lot of fond memories, reminds me of my Nana, he was studying in Pakistan when partition happened and he still has this deep gash on his shoulder which was a result of skirmish back then.

When I was reading this, I traveled back in time and indulged in beautiful memories of Nana telling me and bro about partition and many more stories which ranged from Mahabharat to Sheikh Chilli & his “kisse” I don’t know about my brother but I’d be spellbound and would never want Nana to stop telling these stories. So much so that, I’d listen to the same story numerous times and be equally amused each time.

I have to go and see my Nana, Nani this year, they are old and I don’t want to miss out on them, I don’t know why life brings us to the point that we drift so far from the very people whom we were so close to at some point and loved so much. I don’t love them any lesser today, but the distance……I wish they could have stayed with me and I could have taken care of them- wishful thinking!

Nevermind, this one really brought back whole lot of memories.

Your posts make wonderful read- you must write a novel some day!”

🙂 Aparna

Kai Po Che

I finally managed to see Kai Po Che, today.  As we sat down to watch it, Arnav came back earlier than expected from his friend’s place 😦 . I knew there was no way he was going to leave our side on Sunday afternoon, so I let him be.

It was all good till the point movie was about cricket, even though in parts, and when the violence bit took over, Arnav had his set of questions. Until today, he had never seen anything like this. We were seeing an edited version and he was reading his books.

In the movie, when Ishan is shot at, all that Arnav wanted to make sure was that he just fell off the stairs, and I told him, Ishan is fine. He wanted to know why people would kill each other and I had no “right” answers or maybe I think he is still too young to understand the right answers- not that I understand them in totality. We decided to pause the movie and divert his attention.

Sooner or later he will understand all of this, but until then it is so tough to answer some of his questions. The unmistakable innocence in his voice and the “WHY” made me feel uneasy. How do I tell him that such ghastly incidents indeed happen……only if I could shield him from all of this and more all his life, the world would be such a beautiful place to live in! Bu that does not happen…..

The Beginning

It has been on my mind to have a blog where I can pen down thoughts that cross my mind, daily life incidents, some small, some big, how it is being a Mom, a wife and a daughter, what happened, what could have happened and so on…..

And finally here I am! I have to admit I was looking for nice titles and names for the blog link, ‘Life is Calling’, ‘The Journey’ (how original!) but fortunately all were taken. I read through some of these blogs, there were some very beautiful blogs that I came across along the way. And then finally I just stuck to my name, ’cause that’s what this one is going to be about! was just so much simpler or else this would go on to the next weekend and the next…..

A thought that crosses my mind….it would be so interesting to read my posts all over again as I grow old and look back. For now, I need to just start building & pouring memories and thoughts for a lifetime!